Project Description

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Project descriptions serve first, to explain to the viewer what the project looks and “feels” like. Because for several reasons, we are unable to publish the majority of full videos (please see “Projects” section for more on that), we hope that these will orient the viewer to the work of each collaborator, and help the viewer to imagine some of the video’s potential rhetorical effect.

Second, project descriptions illuminate some of the decisions behind those finished products. As authors reflect on their process of invention, describing how the video’s sections and images come together to form a particular story and move meaning, the viewer gets a better sense of what they were trying to convey through the basic elements of their videos.

In these clips, collaborators respond to questions like: Loosely describe the project parameters. What topic or subject matter did you pick? What inspired your video? Or why did you think it timely? Who are your video’s primary / secondary audiences? Briefly summarize the content of the video you produced.